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    Affiliate Management Services

    Affiliate marketing is the future of online marketing. It has a huge potential to increase your online sales dramatically.

    It all depends on the Advertisers (Merchants) attitude of affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a serious business and requires daily attention of an expert. Hire us to ensure the growth of your affiliate program to attain its full potential.

    Running a successful Affiliate Program requires more than a good network and software. The overall success is based on the combination of two things: First, the capability of a program manager to recruit, motivate and communicate with their affiliate marketing partners in order to achieve the objective of driving programs. The resourceful allocation of resources for creative and programming development is a very important factor in the success of the business. Affiliate marketing is not a stand-alone system. It requires an integrated approach.

    If you’ve thought about hiring an affiliate manager, but were concerned about exorbitant retainer fees, here’s a package that makes hiring an affiliate management service accessible to all online business owners. We at THINKBIZ SOLUTIONS would do the best to help you sail ahead, to truly grow your affiliate force, you need to get out there to find and recruit affiliates onto your team. You can meet all kinds of people to say yes to sign up for your program, but will they take action? People are busy and they have short memories…motivation is needed to get them to start promoting your products. Self-motivated affiliates will get out there and promote your products.

    Others need a nudge and by creating copy-and-paste promotional tools for them, you make it a whole lot easier to get started. We take care of all the details from the brainstorming to the writing to the communicating. It’s ALL taken care for you.

    We have been managing affiliate program and have effectively solved some of the commonly faced problems including:-

    • Unable to maintain and update coupons on affiliate sites.
    • Promotions for affiliates do not work out effectively.
    • Do not have big budget for the affiliate program
    • Unable to maintain personal contact with the affiliates
    • Do not make long lasting profitable relationship
    • Do not get Super affiliates (affiliates generating high sales volume) sites promoting your program.

    Here is the solution, which has been designed to address all the above plus many more problems. Our strong diagnosis of the problem and personalized approach, as per the program requirement, has been one of the key factors in achieving success for our clients.





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