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    Top Trends to Consider in Mobile App Development 2021


    Jan 27, 2023

    Demand is one of the foremost factors that define the trend in App development and nothing can explain this statement better than a pandemic. In 2020, the emerging demand for different types of apps has made it clear that app development trends can change within seconds.

    You can simply take the example of video calls and meetings, sudden hike in zoom and other video meeting app downloads that make them worthy. Now, we have successfully entered into 2021 but the pandemic is still here. So, what are you expecting from app development trends? Well!
    We have already prepared our notes for web development trends in 20201 and if you’re willing to know more about it, keep reading the blog.

    1. 5G connectivity

    It is expected that in 2021, the 5g connectivity smartphones will double to 600 million. And, in 2022, half of the population will use 5g smartphones. Apple is the fresh and latest example of this trend.

    2. Beacon technology

    This technology is here to reduce the gap between customers and companies. For instance, if you want to buy a product but unable to find the store or relevant information about it. Through beacon technology, you will be able to find the stores that are selling that particular product with relevant information.

    3. Artificial intelligence

    From predictive maintenance to facial recognition to content distribution on social media platforms to robotic geophysical feature recognition, what is there that artificial intelligence can’t do in obvious ways.

    Apart from these, enterprise mobile apps, blockchain and m-commerce (mobile commerce) are some trends that need to be considered in development 2021. For more such information, please explore the services of





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