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    SEO Tips for Mobile App Developers


    Jan 27, 2023

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the not-so-secret element for brands and businesses to reach their audience and increase revenue, organically. In this advanced world, where people are literally ready to move to mars, you must have heard about SEO various times. You can simply call search engine optimization “the wings of the brands”, that organically help them to grow. Do you even know that apart from websites, you can now use SEO or ASO in App Development?

    Well! If you are unaware, then let us enlighten you with this new and successful trend of the digital world.

    ASO (App store optimization) is a clone of SEO (Search engine optimization). ASO is only for the app’s rank whereas SEO is for the web page’s rank.

    What is ASO?

    ASO (App store optimization) is an organic practice to improve the rank of your app to make it visible on app stores like the Apple store or the google play store. For instance, suppose you’re a healthcare business and you have launched a website related to your business’s products and services. Now, with the help of ASO, you can make it visible on the top whenever a person searches for healthcare services in the app store. The rank of your app will make them download it and if your services are good, they will use and refer to it further.

    This procedure of ASO works with the selection of the right keywords, name of the app, positive reviews, good description, screenshots and videos, ratings and user-friendly content that change according to the user’s country (localisation).

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